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  We are producing TPM Toolkits with the purpose of facilitating the development of the Organization and implementation of the TPM pillars in an orderly, effective and with extraordinary results. A TPM Toolkit is a guide to working with methodological content on a subject specific and associated with the "deliverables" of the methodology of each TPM pillar, produced with e-learning and multimedia technologies. They have been developed taking into account the guidelines of the standard of the TPM award granted the Japanese Institute of plant maintenance (JIPM).  
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 "The TPM Toolkits have been useful guides that have helped us structure our TPM model with clarity. They have helped us to save time and we have avoided mistakes that have prevented with the aid we have found these useful resources TPM"    "Apsoluti has provided us with valuable resources for our company. We have used the knowledge in our plants easily and the content is complete and well designed. It is an excellent resource and a very competitive cost base"

- Director of packaging factory


- Manager of maintenance of multinational company


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  Principles of Planed Maientenance
  Discusses the principles of planned maintenance such as a TPM pillar. Presents the structure of development of steps and the relationship with the pillar of autonomous maintenance.
  [Included formats or examples used in practice ]

US $ 40



  Step One of Planed Maientenance
  Presents the activities and deliverables of step one of planed maintenance. Discusses integration with the pillar of autonomous maintenance and check the contents of the audit of step one
  [Included formats or examples used in practice ]

US $ 50



  One Point Lessons
  Training of operational staff through OPL´s system is a powerful ally for the development of the TPM in any industry. Explains the process of management, training and motivation for the development of the system of training with OPL´s.
  [Included formats or examples used in practice ]

US $ 50



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